A Cohesive and Inspired Exhibition

Blakes Lock full now of Art and Poetry!



Colouring competition

Come and visit Rosemary’s stall at That’s Entertainment! Ashford Hill Church on Saturday 25th June and pay £1 to enter our colouring competition.  Open to children and adults.  The winner in the children and adult categories will receive a copy of The Artikinesis Art Colouring Book – West Berkshire and North Hampshire.  Just take a colouring sheet, leave your name with Rosemary, pay your £1 and e-mail artikinesis@artikinesis.org.uk with a photo of your coloured-in entry by 10th July 2016.  Good luck!


In the back room we prepare for our exhibition. There is a lot of time-consuming work done to stage an exhibition and some of it tedious! But we have collectively put all the elements together and produced our first exhibition at the Creation Space Gallery.  I hope our visitors won’t be disappointed with the display. And, will be impressed enough to come along to the next one!

Thank you to all those who have supported us.  Brian

Exhibition times adjusted

We knew that the gallery space we are using for The Basingstoke Project would be used for the occasional class, and we thought that we knew when they would be. Unfortunately, it turns out that there are more classes than we were aware of. The flyers are wrong (again; we have already used stickers to add “closed” times).

The exhibition is open 10am to 6pm with the following closures:

Tuesday 17 – already advised, 1 to 2:15 pm4 to 5:30
Wednesday 18 – 4 to 5:30
Thursday 19 – no closures  10:30 to 12:00
Friday 20 – 10 to 11 am,  12:30 to 1pm

Saturday 21 – no closures ; Open until 4 pm
Sunday 22 – building closed

Monday 23 – already advised, 1 to 3 pm
Tuesday 24 – already advised, 1 to 2:15 pm
Wednesday 25 – no closures
Thursday 26 – no closures, final day

Hopefully there will be no more changes.

Exhibition Statement: The Basingstoke Project



Adeliza Mole

Amanda Bates

Brian Marchant

Elinor Cooper

Rosemary Lawrey

We are all local artists, and we decided to join forces after discovering how much we had in common during last May’s West Berkshire and North Hampshire Open Studios.

The Basingstoke Project

is our first collaborative project, and our first exhibition together as a group. We decided to focus on the town because it is a natural focus point, and because we didn’t think that Basingstoke had come under artistic scrutiny very often in the past.

We set out to create:

an active, reactive, artistic response to the people, places, buildings and character of Basingstoke.

A project to inspire and surprise.

In the course of the project, we learned to look again at the town. We were inspired. We were surprised.

We found hidden gems; we found delight in the familiar; we found our own visions of Basingstoke.

We hope that you enjoy the exhibition, and that you leave with your eyes and your mind open, and with joy in your heart.