Colouring competition

Come and visit Rosemary’s stall at That’s Entertainment! Ashford Hill Church on Saturday 25th June and pay £1 to enter our colouring competition.  Open to children and adults.  The winner in the children and adult categories will receive a copy of The Artikinesis Art Colouring Book – West Berkshire and North Hampshire.  Just take a colouring sheet, leave your name with Rosemary, pay your £1 and e-mail artikinesis@artikinesis.org.uk with a photo of your coloured-in entry by 10th July 2016.  Good luck!


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I am an experimental artist, so I love to mix media and am trying things out all the time. I get excited by lines, shapes and shadows in the grains of hewn wood, a bootprint stomped into a muddy track, or the ripple of some fungus growing on a rotten tree stump. I am obsessed by tracks and trails, the marks left in the ground by people’s and animals’ passing. I love abstract work, both to do and to look at. Organic or man-made shapes observed on my walks take on a life of their own and have their own story to tell, which will be different for every observer. My pictures invite you on a journey into your own imagination.

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