Incredible Edible

Incredible Edible is a lovely idea, and a surprise for anyone taking a walk round War Memorial Park, Basingstoke.  Not far from the skateboard park, it’s a community orchard planted by volunteers, so that passers by can enjoy a healthy snack of fruit and nuts plucked straight from trees with wonderful names: Deacon’s Blushing Beauty, Nettlestone Pippin and the Howgate Wonder to name just three.  My oil painting shown here is an artistic interpretation of the place (where I took the photo).  I just finished painting another one on the same theme, taking in the skatepark too, but you’ll have to visit The Basingstoke Project to see it at Proteus Theatre’s Creation Space gallery, Council Road, Basingstoke, 16 – 26 November.



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I am an experimental artist, so I love to mix media and am trying things out all the time. I get excited by lines, shapes and shadows in the grains of hewn wood, a bootprint stomped into a muddy track, or the ripple of some fungus growing on a rotten tree stump. I am obsessed by tracks and trails, the marks left in the ground by people’s and animals’ passing. I love abstract work, both to do and to look at. Organic or man-made shapes observed on my walks take on a life of their own and have their own story to tell, which will be different for every observer. My pictures invite you on a journey into your own imagination.

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