A day sketching in Basingstoke

I took myself off to Basingstoke today, to the town centre. I wanted to capture the “Costa del Basingstoke”, a striking yellow and blue development that overlooks the Anvil car park. (The Anvil is Basingstoke’s main concert venue; its car park is conveniently close to the covered over part of the town centre, as well as the railway station and a particularly pretty part of not-covered-over town. The car park also has the benefit of not being the Festival Place car park, which is enormous and confusing. I think it might even have a roof that can’t be parked upon).

With a quick sketch (and several quicker photographs) complete, I headed off to outside-the Malls. I (re)discovered that the name of the church that dominates the area is St. Michaels, and was subsequently amused by the fact that Marks and Spencer have a back door opposite the church.

I then returned to my car via the Malls.


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