In Joices Yard – the Ghost of a Building

Ghost – Acrylic ink (line) and watercolour (wash) on watercolour paper, A3

Joice’s Yard – once a stable yard, then the site of John Joice’s coach building business – is now a small town centre car park. It is surrounded by interesting buildings. This is one such; or perhaps it is two. For where the road cuts through from Winchester Road into the yard, this substantial property can be seen to bear, upon its end, the revenant of a former neighbour.

I find this sort of thing fascinating. So much so, indeed, that I painted this “ghost building” twice.

Passing the Ghost – Acrylic on box canvas, 30x30cm

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Scientist. Writer. Mother. Above all, artist. Seeking to extract and demonstrate the extraordinary beauty of the ordinary and the overlooked. Still wondering how to meld physical science and art. Always curious. Always looking. Always thinking.

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