In the Waiting Room

In Douglas Railway Station, Isle of Man.

It was a bright sunny day with a carnival atmosphere.

I settled in the corner of the waiting room cum restaurant, with my back to the wall of polished wood panels and a mug of hot tea in front of me on the table. The waiting room was spick and span, old, but admirably maintained and full of character. It was an ideal setting for the commemorations.

On this Sunday the local people and visitors were commemorating the end of the Second World War. There were people in uniform or in period civilian dress seated or milling about. And, outside a trio of female singers in R.A.F. uniform was singing songs of the war years, perfectly emulating the style of the period.

I sat, unnoticed, occasionally sipping my mug of tea, observing the people before me and sketched awhile.

I felt as if I had stepped back in time!



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My interests are broad, so my artwork tends to reflect that. As a boy I used to admire the artwork of the ‘comics’, especially the illustrations of Frank Bellamy in the ‘Eagle’. And, as a small boy, I can remember being struck by the exquisite line drawings in an old set of encyclopaedias. These encounters have clearly influenced my approach to artwork. I have always been fascinated by science fiction, mythology and legend. And, I have always had a strong desire to tell stories. So, naturally all these elements commonly emerge in the artwork I choose to do.

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