Basingstoke Revisited!

Looking out of a rain besprinkled window this afternoon, I would say we were very lucky with the weather yesterday in Basingstoke. The rain is now pouring heavily!

We wandered the streets and parks of Basingstoke in the hot sunshine. It was Sunday, but the town centre was abuzz with people, shopping, resting, strolling and taking refreshment.

We walked through the park of Eastrop, tracing the course of the old tired river of Loddon and finally came to countryside on the edge of the town.

There are many faces of Basingstoke and plenty to see, to experience and to record.

We settled, after our long circuitous walk, near the Anvil Concert Hall. I took out my sketchbook and fineliner pens and observed the scene.

The fortress-like walls of the shopping centre somehow fascinated me! (Did they have some symbolic significance?) The pedestrian bridge has a satisfying curve! The wide steps from the shops sweep down to the Anvil entrance. There shiny hand rails heavy and gleaming. All these structures came together to form an interesting assembly of modern urban shapes and spaces. Strong urban dominating forms, vaguely redolent of a scene from a J. G. Ballard story, further reinforced by the utilitarian concrete overpass above my head where we sat.



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